Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Making Time

The New Year is still only three weeks old, and one of my goals was to post more on this blog. I feel I am off to a shaky start--I know I am off to a shaky start. I still haven't figured out why January is the time of the year to set new goals, but this year I am going to use April 15th as the date to set all my new goals.

Yes, you read that correctly, April 15th will be the date that I set my new goals for the year. The tax year that is. Why shouldn't I use the tax year as a the official start of all my new goals? What better day to start, because I am current with all my taxes, and maybe I will get over having to pay in  so much for just being a middle-class citizen.

No, I am not going to make this post about paying taxes. I feel they are an important part of our society, and someone has to pay them.

My new goal this year is to get in a different tax bracket. Can you help me.

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