Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sensless Crime

Who do we consider a hero?

A young man was shot and killed. He was shot by a man that had a weapon of senseless power.
I don’t care if there is a statistic that says only a small percentage of gun owners use them to commit a crime, or that the criminal  got the guns illegally. What I care about is how dangerous it is to think that every gun deserves equal protection under the law and that there is an unwillingness by some in our society to even be willing to discuss the issue.

A state trooper was killed in the state of Wisconsin. This murder was a senseless act on humanity. A Young man, new on the job, shot and killed by a bank robber. He was doing his job by pulling over the suspicious car. He should be bragging to his friends how he caught the bad guy. We shouldn’t see his picture in the obituary section of our papers.   

Yes, every time someone is killed by a gun there is a cry to do something. What changes? Nothing. The NRA gets in a hissy and makes strange statements. People that want more gun control laws are told there are too many laws already and that they aren’t working. Why aren’t those laws working? Does it have anything to do with the NRA making sure those laws don’t work? Does it have to do with a lazy public that relies on others to do their job?  

I know it sounds like I am blaming the NRA for the deaths, but at what point do they accept some responsibility for the gun crime in this country. They are the group that fights new restrictions that may or may not improve public safety. It is hard to say what would happen if the NRA didn’t have so much power.  

No, gun crime will never disappear because as long as there are greed and fear in the land people will use guns to get what they want. But we can dream of a land where a police officer doesn’t need to worry about pulling over a man with a dangerous weapon.

A young and beautiful life was cut short, way too short because he was doing his job. The public may move on, but his family will face the sorrow every time the phone rings, and it isn’t their son on the other line, they will face holidays without him, and the sorrow of hearing a car door closing and realizing it isn’t their son coming to visit. We the public might be able to relate, but we truly can’t understand the pain the family is facing. We can post tributes to a courageous man, and say nice things, but maybe we should do more to ensure the safety of everyone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Put to Words

On the Couch, USA--It isn't everyday that you get to talk to complete strangers about subjects that interest you. I can't say that I am always the most faithful person when it comes to writing something for the many blogs I now write for because of the many projects I currently am working on at this moment.

I started this blog as a way to honor my high school art teacher, because he was a great influence on my life. He also wrote a piece for the local newspaper called "From Where I Sit." That is where I got the title for this blog.

He doesn't write for the local newspaper anymore, because he is retired and living the good life.

I think this blog's theme changed many times over its short lifetime, but I plan on returning to the original theme of the blog, and that is writing funny observations about the world from the perspective an English major just sitting around and observing.

I will never guarantee that you will laugh every time you read something I write, because some people don't laugh. But, I do hope you feel free to comment and read for pleasure. There will be no required homework for anyone that reads this blog.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I Like Duke

I will see how I do this spring on my bracket. I think I picked some good teams, but you just never know what will happen.